PHOTO GALLERY: Stanley Kubrick Exhibition

Stanley Kubrick made some of the most iconic films in the history of cinema. And on a personal note, he was the very first film director that I really appreciated on an artistic level. The late director’s family and close friends collected many items from his career and put together a traveling exhibition. I had an opportunity to go visit the exhibition in Toronto. Among my favourite objects is the typewriter from The Shining, a droogs costume from A Clockwork Orange and Tom Cruise’s Venetian mask from Eyes Wide Shut.

Important Links: Stanley Kubrick Exhibition and Film Series

Stanley Kubrick Exhibition – Official Site

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These photographs were taken by Rui Miguel Martins and are the copyright of Film Sight Blog.

Stanley Kubrick Drawing

2001 Telescope

2001 Watch

Monkey Mask - 2001

Monkey Suit - 2001

Baby - 2001

A Clockwork Orange Suit

A Clockwork Orange Statue

A Clockwork Orange  Recoprd Player

A Clockwork Orange

The Shining Child Sweater

The Shining Typewriter

The Shining Paper

The Shining rug

The Shining Dresses

The Shining Axes

The Shing redrum door

The Shing Room 237

Full Metal Jacket Bed

Full Metal Jacket Gun Helmet

Full Metal Jacket Items

Eyes Wide Shut Masks

Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise Mask

Eyes Wide Shut Woman Masks

Eyes Wide Shut Death Article




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